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 Feng Shui Fish Painting, Koi Fish Painting, Koi Painting

Feng Shui Painting. Koi Fish Painting, Koi Painting: In Asian  Decor the koi fish painting bring luck and wealth. Koi paintings represent harmony and balance Chinese fung shui fish paintings are the Feng Shui element of Water and bring Feng Shui career fortune.  All our Feng Shui paintings incorporate Chinese Feng Shui colors. Koi paintings are for home Feng Shui décor and office Feng Shui wealth. Our Feng Shui art is all original and hand painted.

 Size: 36in x 24in. 

FRAMED/Stretched ready to hang

Customer Reviews

We can make any painting in any size. For other sizes please email. exotic.arts.gallery@gmail.com

$299.99  Hand Painted Oil on Canvas

$119.99  Giclee Fine Art Print on Canvas

Feng Shui Decorating:  Feng Shui Paintings are used to bring Feng Shui luck and fortune by harnessing the life energy of "Chi", or the "Dragon's Cosmic Breath". Chi brings good fortune to those who are surrounded by it.




The pictures shown are of the original painting. Your painting will be a custom made reproduction of the original. Please allow 3 weeks for painting and shipping.

Price includes free express shipping to any location worldwide

Return within 10 days for a full refund of purchase price. If not satisfied please email us right away.

Chinese Feng Shui Fish Paintings: are appropriate for both home Feng Shui décor and office Feng Shui wealth. Our Feng Shui art is all original and hand painted..

Japanese koi art and Chinese fish paintings: the koi fish is a symbol for strength and individualism. Koi fish, in Chinese folk lore, are transformed through their efforts and perseverance, able to become dragons. In Chinese culture the Koi painting represents perseverance in the face of adversity and strength of character and purpose.





Size of the painting in room scenes may not be to scale, refer to actual dimensions in the description.


Koi paintings are Chinese Feng Shui decor. All our Feng Shui paintings incorporate Chinese Feng Shui colors and Feng Shui symbols that create a balance in the Yin/Yang energies of Chi, bringing harmony and success