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Dragon Feng Shui

In traditional Chinese culture the dragon is a symbolizes power, nobility, honor, and is also a symbol of luck and success. Ancient Chinese people often name noble aspirations, behavior, good character and achievement as “dragon”

dragon feng shui dragon-feng-shui dragon-feng-shui dragon-feng-shui

Dragon Feng Shui symbolizes the masculine energy known as "yang". Yang Chi energy is a strong male energy that also promotes personal power. Dragon Feng Shui is a strong force that carries creativity and activity. Dragon Feng Shui symbolize success in any achievement as well as prosperity. Dragon Feng Shui empowers you to become successful and prosperous. Dragon Feng Shui also symbolizes protection, fertility and immortality.

dragon feng shui dragon feng shui dragon feng shui  
Dragon Feng Shui Dragon Feng Shui Dragon Feng Shui Dragon Feng Shui

Dragon Feng Shui Painting:

A pearl, crystal, or coin in the Dragon Feng Shui's claw symbolizes wealth, power and an abundance of opportunities. Dragon Feng Shui Paintings can be strategically placed in order to maximize their effects.

Having Dragon Feng Shui in any part of your home is auspicious. The Dragon Feng Shui effects can be maximized depending on where the Dragon Feng Shui Painting is placed.  For best effect, place your Dragon Feng Shui Painting in or close to an open space.

Do not place the Dragon Feng Shui Painting in lower-energy area, such as the bathroom, closet or garage. It is best to place the Dragon Feng Shui Painting at eye level. Placing the Dragon too high can cause an excessive level of energy in the room. Placing the Dragon too low is a sign of disrespect and can decrease the effectiveness of Dragon Feng Shui.  The Dragon Feng Shui Painting is a very potent symbol therefore it is recommended to keep the number of Dragons in the home to 5 or less.

Dragon Feng Shui Colors

Dragon Feng Shui comes in many color variations that have specific Feng Shui benefits

Green dragon: is an excellent for Feng Shui health and growth.

Golden dragon: great for Feng Shui wealth and abundance.

Red Dragon: is for Feng Shui Love and passion and activity.
Pink Dragon: used to promote intimacy, and relationship energy.
Orange Dragon: enhances interactions and communication between people. 
Yellow Dragon: signifies honor and prestige, excellent for increasing spiritual awareness.

Blue Dragon: excellent for enabling high levels of concentration.
Black Dragon: Feng Shui protection and strength.
White Dragon: symbol of creativity and tranquility and has a calming effect. 
Purple Dragon: Feng Shui wealth and abundance.