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Feng Shui Dragon: In China the Feng Shui Dragon is known as the ruler of spring and positively influences natural growth. The Feng Shui Dragon Painting is the Feng Shui element of fire is very powerful. Energizing fire is full of the Yang energy which intensifies good fortune. Fire is a rising energy, making the effects of a Feng Shui Dragon Painting fast and efficient. Fire elements will bring you recognition luck, fame, fortune, and respect. It has long been believed that the Chinese Feng Shui Dragon has the power to burst the clouds and bring down the rain. As water symbolizes wealth the Feng Shui Dagon is used to attract wealth. The Feng Shui Dragon will not work as a wealth attractor if one's motivation is greed. A balanced attitude towards life is required.

You can place the Feng Shui Dragon Painting in the South part of the room or home to intensify its power. The most auspicious placing for a Chinese dragon painting is facing water, but this placement is not necessary to benefit from the good fortune. The Chinese calendar has 12 zodiac symbols. The Dragon year comes once every 12 years. A Chinese dragon year can often be a challenging year in which aware and thoughtful people can be very successful. But one must be able to turn the challenges that the dragon brings into advantages

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Feng Shui Dragon Feng Shui Dragon Feng Shui Dragon Feng Shui Dragon
dragon feng shui dragon feng shui dragon feng shui  
Feng Shui Dragon Feng Shui Dragon Feng Shui Dragon Feng Shui Dragon