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Feng Shui Love:

Feng Shui for Love is a scientific way of bringing a change in your way of life. It affects all the important and vital aspects of your love life. Feng Shui Love practices can significantly change in your love life.

Who can Benefit from Feng Shui For Love:

Those who are looking for a suitable partner.

Those who are struggling with their existing relationships.

Those who are missing the spark in their love affairs.

Those who want to maintain the good status of their current relationships.

         Feng Shui Love    Feng Shui Love  Feng Shui Love


Feng Shui for Love

Feng Shui for Love uses shape, color, and images, in a proper placement to affect the energy of the bedroom, thereby bringing positive benefits to the inhabitants.  This energy called “Chi”, is the life force that is inherent in all objects.

Feng Shui Love is about enhancing the environment and the energy around you.  Feng Shui for Love begins with the yin or feminine energy of your bedroom. Excite the chi (Dragon’s Cosmic Breath) by making your bedroom romantic.  Anything that blocks the Chi can lead to serious consequences, such as sexual dysfunction.

Feng Shui LoveFeng Shui Love  Feng Shui Love  Feng Shui Love  

Good Feng Shui Love is very important for peaceful mind and good sleep. After the living room, we spend most of our time in the bed room. To ensure that the Chi flows in the proper manner follow these Feng Shui for Love Tips for the bedroom:

1.        The Feng Shui bedroom should be full of female yin energy, not yang.

2.        Take away the TV, computer, and anything related to work.

3.        The bedroom should be as far away from the front door as possible.

4.        The bed should be the largest object in the room and the focal point of the room

5.        The bed should also be approachable from both sides, and not be in a direct line with the door.

6.        Feng Shui Love uses several levels of lighting, from overhead to small lamps to candles so that you can easily control the lighting from the bed.

7.        Both the sides of your bed should be treated equally. This will enable balanced feng shui energy on both sides of your bed.

Feng Shui Love           Feng Shui Love       Feng Shui Love  Feng Shui Love

Feng Shui Love Decorating tips:

All decorations in the bedroom should have Yin Chi energy and use appropriate Bedroom Feng Shui colors, for attracting good energy, good fortune and good luck.  Decorations for Feng Shui Love should be pleasing and relaxing. Abstract is fine as long as it makes you feel good. Everything should be arranged in pairs or multiples to symbolize a union. Flowers symbolize fidelity and marriage and are ideal for Feng Shui Bedroom decoration.

  • Have free space in your closets. It will help in free flow of energy and will promote better health and provide more opportunities.

  • Decorate your room with specific images, colors, or items that brings affectionate thoughts about your partner.

  • Keep the south west corner of your space clean, as it is dedicated to the love and relationship aspect of your life.

  • Place items supporting the elements of Earth and Fire in the south west corner. Avoid much of Water, Wood or Metal elements.

  • Put a pair of Feng Shui objects, like, rose, quartz crystals, birds, and scented candles, in the love corner.

  • Your space should allow free flow of love energy and should reflect the beauty of your relationship.

·         Safe and healthy environment is critical for Feng Shui Love, no broken, dingy, items. Clocks that do not work, loose door knobs, etc.

·         Organize the space, remove any clutter and remove the piles, of paper work, dirty laundry etc. give everything a proper home

Feng Shui Love         Feng Shui Love  Feng Shui Love

Feng Shui Love Paintings:

A Feng Shui Painting, like all objects in the universe, has Chi energy. A Feng Shui for Love painting is used to create a positive Chi energy in the space by depicting flowers, fertile earth, lucky symbols, and natural scenery. A Feng Shui for Love painting is an effective way to attract positive energy to the home and change the fortune and luck of the people in it.

                         Feng Shui Love    Feng Shui Love    Feng Shui Love

Feng Shui Love colors:

Feng Shui for bedroom colors are warm such as browns, beiges, reds, and yellows. Red is the best color for love, passion, and sexual energy. Yellow is also a good Feng Shui for Love color, it symbolizes communication. Bedroom Feng Shui colors should enhance energy by using Feng Shui paintings in shades of red, pink, and yellow.

For an erotic bedroom incorporate the Feng Shui element of fire. To enhance the sexual energy in your bedroom with Feng Shui, display symbols that activate the energy of love, such as a sensual painting. See our nude paintings here.

Feng Shui Love dangers:

1.        Water is prohibited for Feng Shui Love. It clashes with the fire element.

2.        The rule of Feng Shui for Bedroom colors is to avoid loud and overpowering colors.

3.        According to Feng Shui for Love practices you should avoid Feng Shui paintings or Feng Shui art depicting one thing, all decorations should be in pairs of 2 or show pairs or multiples.

4.        Geometric shapes should be avoided for Feng Shui Love.