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Feng Shui Symbols:

Feng Shui Symbols of good luck and fortune are used to harness the universal energy know as Chi, and bring good fortune. Chi is the universal life energy that resides in all things.

Our Feng Shui art incorporates the Feng Shui symbols of fortune in modern and traditional styles. The Feng Shui symbols in our unique Feng Shui paintings create a balance in the Yin/Yang energies of Chi, bringing harmony, and success into your home or office. 

Feng Shui Symbols   Feng Shui Symbols  Feng Shui Symbols 

Buddha Feng Shui Symbols: See all our Buddha Paintings

Buddha Feng Shui symbols increase the flow of Chi and bring prosperity and great fortune. The Feng Shui symbol of the Buddha brings a balanced Chi energy that is critical to good health and spiritual well-being. Calm energy in your home will bring a sense of balance into your life. Buddha Feng Shui has a calming yin energy that balances the active yang energy of a hectic lifestyle. Buddha Feng Shui focuses on creating a peaceful Chi energy by using images of the calm and loving Buddha. Using Buddha Feng Shui Paintings is a great way to create this balanced of yin-yang energy.

 Feng Shui Symbols Feng Shui Symbols  Feng-Shui-buddha-Painting   Feng Shui Symbols

Bamboo Feng Shui Symbols: See all our Bamboo Paintings

Feng Shui symbol of Bamboo is known for its good luck attracting qualities. According to Feng Shui, bamboo brings prosperity and fortune to those who keep it in their environment. Feng Shui Bamboo symbols represents becoming better in life, completeness and perfection. One section of Bamboo grows each year, symbolizing the yearly improvement of Family, Career and Business.

Feng Shui Symbols  Feng Shui Symbols  Feng Shui Symbols 

Koi Fish Feng Shui Symbols: See all our Koi Fish Paintings

The Koi Fish Feng Shui symbol represents strength of character and individualism. Koi are transformed through their efforts and perseverance, able to climb waterfalls to become dragons. Koi Fish Feng Shui symbols represent perseverance in the face of adversity and strength of character and purpose.

Feng Shui Symbols Feng Shui Symbols  Feng Shui SymbolsKoi Fish Painting

Cranes Feng Shui Symbols: See all our Crane Paintings

The Crane Feng Shui symbol has long been an auspicious in China. The Crane Feng Shui symbols represent longevity in Chinese culture. Wisdom is also associated with the Crane, and in Feng Shui the Chinese Crane painting symbolizes a long life that increases in wisdom. Next to the Phoenix the Crane is the most important bird in Chinese art.
Feng Shui Symbols           Feng Shui Symbols    

Horse Feng Shui Symbols: See all our Horse Paintings

The Horse Feng Shui symbol is an emblem of speed, perseverance, and strength.  The horse is regarded as a noble animal by the Chinese.

Chinese Horse Feng Shui symbols usually depict 8 horse.  This is a very famous and symbolizes the arrival of good fortune. The Chinese horse is most often depicted in full gallop, representing the speedy arrival of good fortune.

Feng Shui Symbols      horse-Paintings     Feng Shui Symbols              

Lotus Flower Feng Shui Symbols: See all our Lotus Paintings

The Lotus Flower Feng Shui symbols are associated with love and marriage and is often used for love, relationship and bedroom Feng Shui. The Lotus Feng Shui symbol is used to attract health , harmony and lucky to the home .

The Lotus Flower meaning the Harbinger-of-spring, has long been considered a symbol of happiness, love and hope. The Lotus Flower will promote spiritual awareness, and love.

Feng Shui Symbols  Feng Shui Symbols  Feng Shui Symbols   Feng Shui Symbols           

Foo Dog Feng Shui Symbols: See all our Foo Dog Paintings

Foo Dogs Feng Shui symbols protect the inhabitants from bad energy. Foo Dogs attract positive “Chi”, the universal life force energy, and ward off bad Chi. The Foo Dog is one of the strongest Feng Shui protection symbols. The Foo Dog is also a traditional Feng Shui symbol of family wealth and social status and were placed in front of wealthy homes.

Feng Shui Symbols Feng Shui Symbols Feng Shui Symbols Feng Shui Symbols

Dragon Feng Shui Symbols: See all our Dragon Paintings

The dragon Feng Shui symbols dragon are the most potent good luck symbols in Feng Shui. The Chinese dragon is a yang creature associated with heaven, the emperor and justice, and imbued with the qualities of loyalty, courage and strength. In the Dragon Feng Shui symbol, the dragon is usually painted against the clouds and the sun or moon. Chinese Dragon Painting: is ultimate symbol of cosmic Chi (energy). It is said to be the most potent symbol of good fortune.

Feng Shui Symbols    Feng Shui Symbols Feng Shui Symbols 

Cherry Blossom Feng Shui Symbols: See all our Cherry Blossom Paintings

Cherry Blossom Feng Shui symbols are the Feng Shui element of Wood. Wood elements will bring you wealth luck, health and longevity and is used to energize positive development.

             Feng Shui Symbols       Feng Shui Symbols       Feng Shui Symbols

In Feng Shui the Cherry Blossom Feng Shui symbol is often associated with love and is used for relationship and bedroom Feng Shui. The Cherry Blossom meaning health and harmony is used to attract long life to the inhabitants of the home or office.